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A graphic novel exploring the beauty of being young and carefree. It shows what it means to be a blank canvas, that looks at everything with an open gaze. Which we can't remain when growing up.


The work consists of a three-dimensional mural
and a series of illustrations collected in the form of a publication.

In these illustrations, I am trying to capture the atmosphere of public space
and the feeling of moving through familiar surroundings we all cross.

a graphic novel about searching how to deal
with something as strange
as death

and what will happen
if I try to look closer
at the act of dying

A graphic novel telling a personal story about letting go.

An illustration for a postcard about emptiness

Vélo 2021

An animation also made as a screenprinted flipbook. Which shows the movement and energy of cycling.

A screenprinted book containing 20 random drawings with the subject light and dark

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